About Me

How it all started

As a Nutritionist and Food Consultant, I like to believe that a body which gets balanced nutrients and wholesome nourishment is the best type of body. My mantra is, "NO wonder drugs or supplements are required to attain a healthy body." Being in this field for over 12 years, I have realised that no matter how healthy you eat or how much you workout, the complete health in you is achieved only when you are working on your emotional and mental fitness too.

Therefore, I like to believe that my role is not just restricted to counselling my client's food habits and exercise routine but also take into account their emotional and mental wellbeing.

I strongly believe that, “Diet is not everyone’s cup of tea but eating right and leading a healthy lifestyle can be made really easy”.


I Help you

My counselling is not only restricted to food habits but I also strive to get you a better emotional & mental well being.



Weight Loss

Weight Gain

Heart Diseases

Sports Nutrition

Renal / Lever Disorders

Pre & Post Pregnancy Disorders