What They Say

Hi friends, well to begin with it's a pleasure working with Anjali Peswani & these 7 months of healthy weight loss journey has been spectacular, easy & the results stuns me & everyone around me as she manages to help me wade through the clutter & get my life back on track.Her follow ups are regular & keeping my taste buds , cravings , lifestyle in mind she provides a customised healthy eating diet plan which has never made me feel food deprived & on the contrary brings out the feel good factor in me ,when your dietician allows you to EAT what you want, that's a bonus.With her immense knowledge & expertise ,She's managed to help me attain desired results stress free & smoothly & the journey continues. Her mantra to weight loss is "follow a pattern which can be followed lifelong". I will always keep thanking her for making the process so stress free as this indirectly helps me to boost my motivation & follow it with passion & ease & feels like a miracle to me when I look back. Her guidelines is my awareness ! Keep bringing miracles in ones life Anjali ! Goodluck for future ! 

Mitali Mehta - Client servicing Executive -R.S.Industries

I share an extremely special relation with Anjali .. I first met her when I was 19 and believed the only way to lose weight was starving. Diet to me was nothing but not eating at all and so my journey with her was more about learning how important food is and how eating mindfully can help you reach your goals over a period of time. 
Being fit and eating go hand in hand ...
Considering how hyper I am... she has done a great job at being patient and making me comfortable whenever needed.. thanks a ton for all the encouragement and support and best of luck.
Jhataleka - Model & Actress

I've had a really complicated relationship with food. I mean I love it, of course. But the mindset of clean eating was very narrow to me, like basically all that you learn from movies and the internet - no carbs, no fat - basically air and anything that is green. I've met with 3 nutritionists before you and trust me when I say this, nobody has healed/fixed my relationship with food as you have. You've taught me how to respect what my body wants and to modify my eating habits to an extent where cheating is occasional and guilt-free and I'm always satisfied in terms of my sweet tooth and with my food choices. At the same time, you've shown me results. I mean I came to you because I was facing a plateau in terms of weight loss and you changed that in merely 10 days. I'm so thankful to have found you because you've literally changed my life! Anybody and everybody who listens to me rant about fitness and food already know about you because I owe you everything :). Thank you so much!!!! 

Monica Narwani - Freelance Communications Consultant

Anjali's food plan is the most simple and healthy way to loosing weight. It is devoid of any tablets, powders or gimmicks just everyday normal food. It is so simple that u can follow it even when u r traveling / entertaining / socializing and the end result is a healthy, energetic and fit YOU. It's amazing.
Nisha Languani - Homemaker

Anjali Peswani is the best nutritionist I have ever met. Our relationship has blossomed throughout the sessions I have had with her. She never makes you feel guilty with the food pleasures that you have and it is very easy to talk to her on a daily basis. I would highly recommend attending her sessions. She is honestly a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you so much for changing my lifestyle and diet. You have been a stress reliever and a significant part of my life.
Anjali Sinha - UK Miss Teen Earth

I think it's been almost 3 years since We have been referring our clients to you and I must say that fruitful results are achieved. Thanks. Your nutrition plans have been super. The best part of your nutrition plans for all our clients is.....THEY ARE EASY TO FOLLOW. This does not scare away the client from healthy eating. All the best. 

Samir Purohit - The Pilates Studio

Weight loss is not an easy journey,is what I understand.Being with Ms. Anjali Peswani since 2015  I realised and strongly believe, its not impossible.Having consulted  Anjali first in August 2015, I lost nearly 12 kgs in 8 months under her guidance. It was a gradual process of following many diet plans.. What I like most is that there is no crash diet where you are made to starve..In fact its all about eating the right food in the right quantity at the correct time.Everything is explained well as to why we should'nt eat certain combinations of foods, why certain fooda should not be eaten at a particular time..All this is done keeping all your health conditions in mind.... The objective set by Ms.Anjali is not just weight loss but fitness and eating your way to a healthy life??

Kinnari - Homemaker

Words will never fully express the gratitude I have for Dr. Anjali . She has an incredible insight and passion for her job . Her kind , compassionate and motivational demeanor made me believe that I am my biggest cheerleader .She not only taught me the right way to stay healthy and eat right , but how to enjoy any kind of food in moderation. I not only lost weight , but gained confidence to smile again at the dinner table with my family. She is truly a blessing in my life.

Rashmi Mathur - Homemaker

I have started anjali Peswani’s Diet two months ago and i have tried so many dieticians in Mumbai but i m so happy with the results. anjali is amazingly superb. I have lost 6 kgs n so many inches in just two months. I have recommended so many friends to her. She gives balanced nutritional food. She is so reasonable and anyone can afford her diet. So please guys give it a try. Stay blessed anjali and i m so thankful to you. Stay super blessed always.

Sandeepa virk - Actress

I love working with Anjali! Not only do I follow her guidance but I also recommend her to all my clients. Her nutritional plans are easy to follow and customised to ones need. What I love best is that she understands what you're used to eating and tries to create a healthy plan based on your likes, so you never feel like you're 'dieting' but rather just following a healthy lifestyle to get the results you want.

Namrata Purohit - The Pilates Studio

When I first came to Anjali - I was suffering from excessive fatigue. I was over exercising and under nourished. Anjali helped me see that and gave me a food plan that not only energised me but also left me feeling satiated. I have always believed that it's important to make a lifestyle shift versus a dietary change and Anjali resonates with that thought as well. She is kind and encourages you every step of the way. She insists on a positive body image and makes you feel better about yourself. If you are looking for a nutritionist who actually helps you gain nutrition - she's your best find"

Raveena Taurani - Actress, Owner at Yogisattva